its the hummingbird bakery baby!

I had a red velvet cupcake from the Hummingbird Bakery the other day, it was like heaven in an oh so pretty cupcake. The sponge was bright red with the contrasting yellow-y white of the butter icing perfectly round and dome on top and a light sprinking of the red sponge to finish.

vest River Island, skirt H&M, cardigan H&M, belt Primark, ring H&M, necklace Accessorize

Wore this outfit on a nice sunny, but freezing cold day in London. The weather is odd at the moment, the skies are clear and the sun is out and just a look from the window inside, you'd think it was summer, but once you take a step outside, and it's so very cold.
My wardrobe is screaming for some sun, it's annoying having to wear a giant coat over your clothes and putting several pairs of tights and it still not being warm enough!
Ah well, what would London be without the crappy weather anyways?



  1. i love your cardigan...great colour!!!nice blog HONEY! :D I LIKE IT!!!

    Follow my blog and I follow your blog:O)

    i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

    KISS ;*)

  2. love love love ur look here! :))
    love the cardigan ! :D

  3. I seriously wish we had River Island in Belgium. I was in England over the summer and that store was pretty much my hangout spot. (:
    You're looking very pretty! (:
    Love, Malou

  4. Yummy treat and love your floral skirt. The weather here in Arizona has been odd as well. Last week it was Hot, this weekend it rained, and this week it has been so cold. :0

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  6. Great cardigan and ring. And this cupcake looks so yummy.

  7. Lovely photos, and your outfit is gorgeous, love the skirt esepsh!
    And thanks so much for you sweet comment,
    it made me smile,
    Panda xx

  8. I've never had red velvet cake before! Ever! I feel like I'm really missing out.

  9. AIMEE!!! cupcake looks yum :) so does the outfit ;)


  10. cupcake looks really cool
    i love your blog

  11. Cute outfit!!! I love your ring!!!

  12. Omg i love this Blog <3
    The Cardigan Beautiful Colour and Style
    And the Ring i am so going to get it!


    Hollie :*) XoX


merci beaucoup! ♥