Casio watch c/o The Watch Hut, Nike Stefan-Janoskis, New Balance 420s, New Look loafers, Zara slip dress and posters from a uni sale

So, I'm at uni at the moment and I went shopping. These are some of the things I bought.

As you can see, I've become very attracted to trainers, particularly because being in Southampton, I walk pretty much everyday to and from lectures on different campuses so comfort is a must. I've had my eye on the Janoskis for a long time and when I saw them in my size in stock on Flatspot, I couldn't just leave there now, could I? As for the New Balances, I never would have seen myself as a New Balance kinda gal but I tried them on in Office during a 20% off student event and they were what my feet had been waiting for all their lives. So comfy and they look great with just about anything. The loafers were a necessary buy to fill the burgundy penny loafer shaped hole in my life seeing as my vintage ones were falling apart after wearing them on a night out a few times (never again). The Zara dress was a complete impulse buy, I have no excuse for it except that it was quite a bargain and is so beautiful (JUST LOOK AT DAT BACK DETAIL). As I already mentioned, I'm currently at university and never truly felt at home until I bought these posters at a poster sale during my first week here. As a French student, I thought it was very fitting that I got a couple of old French posters and well as for Audrey, I just couldn't turn down that pretty pretty face.

The watch was kindly sent to me by The Watch Hut and is a very welcome addition to my watch collection. I've been wearing it almost every day to lectures, although it hasn't meant that I've been on time for every lecture, woops.

Hope you all are doing well and I apologise for lack of outfits, I'm struggling to find a way to take photos in Southampton as I have no one to help me take them wah. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram as I do post some selfie outfits on there from time to time.

Until next time amigos,


Body Music


Topshop dress, my mum's boots, Casio watch, charity shop necklace, Forever21 midi ring

Yo yo,

This is an outfit from a day out in Portobello Market with my sister this weekend. I've had this dress for ages but only rediscovered it the other day when I was having a mass wardrobe clearout (love it when that happens). I actually bought the ring later on in the day and had to put it on straight away as I loved the antlers which made a change to the plain midi rings that I normally wear. It was such a gorgeous day for shopping and afterwards, we went for happy hour in our fave cocktail bar and then dinner in Cafe Rouge.

Also, I'm in the process of growing out my full fringe that I only had for a few weeks before it really started to bug me. When I got my hair cut, I did have an Alexa Chung kinda fringe in mind but my hairdresser suggested cutting a full fringe and letting it grow out which is exactly what I'm doing and I am quite happy with the way it's going at the mo. I do love a full fringe, but I hate the maintenance that comes with it, I don't know how all you full fringed gals do it! 

Finally, I've been a fan of AlunaGeorge for a while now so I was so excited for their debut album, Body Music, to come out at the end of July especially after seeing them live in June. One of my favourite tracks from the record is Body Music so I think you should all give it a listen and thank me later ;)

I could only find a live version on youtube but you get the idea.



Gestuz dress, New Look clutch, Zara shoes

FINALLY A PROM POST (prom was over a month ago, woops).
I had the best time at prom. It was such a lovely evening, we started off with photos and champagne at my friend's house and then got a cab to the Hotel Russell on Russell Square which was beautifully decorated and was the perfect setting for photos yay. We had a champagne reception and photos with the photographer, then moved onto dinner and finally danced the night away until we all had to leave wah. 

Now onto the dress. I actually bought this dress from the Selfridges Christmas sale on new years day when I went to see Singin' In The Rain with my sister. It's by a brand called Gestuz and was reduced from £280 to £40 (I KNOW). It's 100% silk and moves so beautifully, my favourite part of the dress has got to be the back. It's quite simple but I'm a complete sucker for any kind of back detail and skinny cami straps (as mentioned in my last post) have become my new obsession so I had to get it despite the fact that it was one size too big. But after a trip to the dry cleaners to get it altered, it fit like a glove and I just wanna wear it all over again. I did my own hair and makeup too which, not gonna lie, I was quite proud of seeing as I'm normally quite a retard when it comes to hair and beauty related tasks. I used an image I found on pinterest to do my hair (link here) and just did quite a simple make up look with a pinky-coral lipstick to finish it off.

These are a random mix of the photographer's photos and my own photos (both digital and disposable) so I apologise for the lack of 'proper' full outfit photos of my dress but hey, (I have no excuse).  

Until next time amigos,