camden town

outfit: jacket Urban Outfitters (sister's), top Topshop, shorts Topshop, bag Fornarina, vintage denim shirt

i had such a good day today, although it started out kinda rubbish. we had planned to go to the American Apparel rummage sale, but when we got there, the queue had spiralled all the way around the building. But we thought, its worth it! So we waited for another hour and we got to the last corner, but then we found out that around that last corner, the whole road was filled but people and there was a taxi trapped in the middle of the crowds (LOL). So we gave up and decided to go vintage shopping instead in Camden. And just as well as there was a riot outside the sale later on, and only 30 people got in as the police had to close the sale. You can see the video of it here.
But Camden was so awesome! I managed to get a vintage floral waistcoat for £12 and a baggy t-shirt for £5. I love it in Camden, it's full of so many different people and the shopping is amazing! I need to plan another trip there soon :)
Oh and I didnt buy the dress in the last picture today, my lovely sister got it from Topshop, just thought i would show you anyway, can't wait to wear it when the weather warms up!
And, just a bit about the outfit. I borrowed this army jacket from my sister and i love it! its almost like a dress when you do it up and my sister is planning to get some badges to put on it which I think is an awesome idea. I shall ask her if I can take a picture of it when she does. Also, i told you i would find another place to take pictures! These were taken in Covent Garden, i loved the orange background!



  1. that is one HOT outfit girly! i like that you showed it off with the jacket and with the jacket open, too. you look very comfy and fashionable.

  2. wauww your blog is so adorable and your outfits are so cute. & I love the things you bought!

  3. i think you look so cute!!
    gorgeous photos, love the inspiration
    thanks for sharing darling!
    and thanks for your comments, it was so sweet of you!


  4. love ur topshop shorts!
    and the last pic , the dress is awesome!

  5. Great jacket and this dress is lovely.

  6. amazing pics
    lovely blog!

  7. I love that denim bustier thing, and go asians xD!!

    xoxo Catherine

  8. Love the army jacket and the tee you bought. Perfect.

  9. i love your jacket. i have one kinda like that too. :)

    follow me too? :)

  10. Amazing army jacket!!♥ I cant wait to see
    The patches on it it would be fascinating and fantastic very chic-rebel
    Am loving everything from your outfit including
    The boots and well everything I just love it♥
    Talk to you soon have a brilliant day!

  11. GORGEOUS :)
    You always put together such amazing outfits!

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog, & sorry for the late reply! Things have been so crazy recently.

    ...and HAPPY EASTER! x



  12. Camden is FUCKING RAD. Its like my second home. :)
    Glad you had fun, there are so many awesome places to go!
    Panda. x
    P.s thanks for the comment!

  13. Great buys, love you style :)

  14. you look amazing=]
    i love the denim dress<3

  15. Wow i adore the denim dress. Your adroable!

  16. Hiii
    Your style is super cute. Love it.

    see my blog and follow love th denim dress. :D

  17. llaarrrve the floral waistcoat!!



merci beaucoup! ♥