It's been hard enough on me

Coat, leather shorts, socks and headband all from Topshop, check shirt Topman, vintage blazer, Primark hoodie, f21 wedges

This is what you call layering to the max, but I was still cold despite the countless amount of layers on, damn this weather. Wore this outfit shopping on Oxford Street apart from the wedges, I substituted the f21 wedges for a lower pair from H&M but my feet were still killing at the end of the day...I really need to get used to walking in heels! Did some Christmas shopping and some Aimee shopping too in Topshop. Got this and this. The blouse is the nicest flowy kinda material, can't wait to wear it and the lipstick! Oh my, it's my first lipstick but definitely not my last, I love the pop of colour and it smells really nice too, so nice in fact that I kinda wanna eat it. But I won't.

And on that note, that's me done for now, laters on the menjay :)



  1. I love your shoes, I've been looking for a pair for a while now. Great outfit! x

  2. Wicked outfit! Love those shoes.
    kiss kiss bang bang

  3. shorts are amazing!! want them!!! :)

  4. I was thinking of buying the headband but I didn´t, what a shame, it looks really good though :)
    and I love your short!



merci beaucoup! ♥