Now I'm ready to start

pea coat and loafers from Topshop, H&M blouse, Zara jeans

It's been about two weeks since my last post woahhhhhhhh, but I went out in the rain just to take some pictures for fear of neglecting my blog which I will never do obviously ;) 
I ordered these lovely loafers from the Topshop sale and was uber excited to get them. When they came, I instantly fell in love with the untouched, shiny leather and the overall simplicity of the design but wearing them out is a whole other story. Luckily the first time I wore them out was to my local shopping centre but the stiff leather took the skin off my ankles :( Stupidly I wore them out again the next day to London on an outing with Melissa, which was a bad idea, I basically bled through the plaster onto the shoes blehhhhh, but after a few hours of pain and bloodshed I have worn them in and love them all over again. 
The coat is also another purchase in the Topshop sale, I went to the Oxford Circus branch of Topshop on Boxing Day in order to get it which was also a bad idea, but was worth it cos I got the coat woop woop.




  1. Great, classy outfit!


  2. wow, what I see ? You wrote new post. Yeah :).
    You look gorgeous. What else I can say ?

    new post 'Lily in Wonderland' http://t.co/MuXBj21


  3. This is so perfect! I love love love the loafers, and the classic blouse. You dress so well, It makes me cry into my chai tea latte... :) Anyway, I love this. ♥ Im back posting, so sorry about the massive delay! Panda xo

  4. really love your shoes! :)

    hope you'll visit/follow

  5. hahha
    great style!! I like this! ;))


  6. love the shirt and coat - i obviously need to have a better look at the sales! x


merci beaucoup! ♥