palladium boots

I received a package this morning from VICE magazine, it was a pair of Palladium boots I got from doing the post about them a few months ago. I love them, it's my first pair, and don't think they'll be the last. They are so so comfortable, and I'll definitely be wearing these in this lovely weather we're having at the moment with a crop top and Levi's cut offs, outfit with the boots soon!

And sorry for not posting an outfit as I said I was going to, when I was going to take some photos, it started to rain in London so I wasn't able to, and I've been quite busy with preparing stuff for prom (which is tonight!) so haven't had much time. But things should calm down towards the end of this week, so I will DEFINITELY do an outfit post soon!

I saw Glee Live on Saturday at the o2. I am a gleek at heart and I love the show so seeing the actual cast live was amazing. The support act were LXD (League of Extraordinary Dancers) and they were so good, I easily could've watched the whole show of just them dancing. But the Glee cast were so good live and we saw The Warblers too! I am so in love with Darren Criss, especially after watching him haha. 

Also, I watched The Breakfast Club the other day, which is easily my favourite film at the moment. I absolutely love the 80s (fashion, music, everything haha. I'm such a cheeseball.) and the film was AMAZING. It wasn't overly cheesy as quite a few 80s films are, and I highly recommend it to anyone. 

Finally, I'VE FINISHED MY EXAMS!! I'm so happy, my summer has finally started, no more weekends stuck at home revising, and sitting in an exam hall for ages. Can't quite believe I've finished with GCSEs for good, it doesn't feel that long ago when I was thinking the GCSEs were so far away and it'd be ages until I finished with them. But now I finally have and it feels so good. However after summer, I'll be starting A-levels, hopefully at my school's sixth form (that is if I get the grades *fingers crossed*) as it's quite good and I want to study French, Spanish, English Literature and Business Studies. And my school is a specialist language college so really hoping I'll be able to get back into my sixth form! 

Anyway, enough with my ramblings as I'm you've stopped reading now haha, I thought I'd compensate for not doing an outfit post with writing a mini update on my life, not very interesting, but yeahhh...

Hopefully outfit post sooooooon.


  1. Those shoes are soo cute!! I can imagine so many outfits with these *__*

  2. Ohh that's cute! <3
    I love the design ;)

  3. great post ,and i love the design ! <3


  4. ooo they look awesome! i love the colour too :D

  5. nice shoes...definitely suit u well..


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