Topshop crop top, H&M skirt, bracelets and sunnies, Converse, Topman necklace, Casio watch

Heyyyy! As I mention in my previous post, on Monday, Melissa and I went to see Beach Fossils at the Monto Water Rats in Kings Cross and the gig was so good. Despite being pushed up against a very sweaty, quite large and hairy man for some of the duration of the gig, it was still so good as it was quite a small venue and when Dustin crowd surfed for a short while, it was just great.

I wore this outfit on Sunday for some shopping and a walk around my local area with my sister. It was so nice to get out of the house and soak up the sun for a while, despite the fact that for most of the walk, I was holding onto my very floaty skirt for dear life for fear of flashing myself to strangers on the high street, because that would not be very good at all. I'm loving this Topshop crop top that I've had for a while but haven't been able to wear much because of the rubbish weather we had before. But with the warm weather brings an urge to whack out the crop top and all things high waisted (skirts, shorts etc.) to show a flash of cheeky midriff. Ahahaha cheeky.

And on that note, adios amigos.


  1. love the croptop and the song on the end is so nice! xo

  2. Amazing outfit! love your crop top and skirt!! ♥

  3. Love love love that adorable skirt, so pretty :-)

  4. very, very cute summery look. the skirt is beautiful.


  5. oh i adore the skirt :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

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  6. such a cute outfit, love it :D

  7. amazing post ! i love the look and the photos ! xx

  8. great top and skirt:) thank you so much for visit me:)

  9. Wow you look absoultely stunning! Love the skirt and how you've styled it with the crop top!

  10. cute outfit for shopping. i like casual outfits for days like that. some how i can never seem to actually dress casually. there is a difference between LOOKING casual, and actually wearing clothes that FEEL casual haha. i would not worry about the skirt too much ;) i am always flashing parts of my bottom in the summer in my short shorts. i used to worry about it and now i just say, oh well, rather do it while i am still young! sounds like you had fun at the concert although being pressed up against a sweaty man would bother me personally hahahaha. i have never heard of beach fossils but i will have to take a listen!

    xx rae

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  11. Lovely outfit, I love the neon lace contrasted to the red converse. There is something lovely about pink and red together.

  12. I love this skirt! The color is so pretty, and it goes perfectly with that crop top!

  13. That skirt is perfect! lovely outfit x

  14. hii
    this skirt soo romantic
    song adorable

  15. Your skirt is too pretty, I love the colour and shape of it too!

    Carmen Ri.

  16. Aimee, I definitely love your style !
    I must tell you that I wasn´t at The Breakfast Club because we hadn´t enought time, you know school is school, we were in Pret a Manger and I love their baguettes and we have seen many other interesting places, I can say that I love London! Are there any Queen´s celebrations or something like that now?:)

  17. Loving the outfit, especially the skirt! x

  18. rocking the midriff trend :)

  19. Beautiful outfit! Love how the skirt is highwaisted for the crop top, paired with those gorgeous/edgy shades!


  20. I really love the outfit !


merci beaucoup! ♥