Out of Tune

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Bonjour mes amies!

I spent last week doing work experience in Lille as mentioned in my last post and I just arrived back in London on Saturday and have been spending my weekend chilling in my bed (I have missed it so. much.) watching films and generally relaxing. I had such a good week, despite the rude ass people at my work placement, I only worked from 10-3 so had a lot of time to kill walking around the town. I hadn't previously been to Lille but after being there for a week, I definitely would love to go back. It was lovely to be away from the craziness of Paris (however, Paris still holds a very special place in my heart) but still with the beautiful architecture and rich culture. The time spent not at work was so fun as well. I got to know people in my French class better and also, luckily, we were in Lille for the Fête de la Musique on Thursday and we all spent the night walking around the town seeing various bands, singers and DJs. After the trip, I feel like my everyday French speaking skills have improved and cannot wait to go back to France one day and speak it again! However, I am glad to be home as I did miss my bathtub as there was only a shower at the hotel :( and also my bed as there is nothing more comforting than my carefully selected pillows and Mashimaro teddy bear by my side #childatheart. Yes I did just use a hashtag in a blog post and am now regretting it, oh well, carpe diem and all that. 

Anyhow, these are just some images from Tumblr which I thought were pretty and here are some crappy webcam photos of yours truly just to say that I'm still here and will do a proper post soon!


  1. Hope you had a good work experience! xo

  2. love the tumblr inspiration.sounds like an awesome time in Lille xx

  3. I've been dying to go to Lille. You're so lucky!


  4. lovely inspirations!


  5. Lucky you, sounds like amazing work experience! Lovely Tumblr photos :-)

  6. Oo a week of experience in France, how lucky!
    Hope you had fun!


  7. I was doing work exp last week too, but nothing as glam as you, you lucky thing! Gorgeous pictures, I adore that last one. Keep seeing it everywhere, it's from Jac + Jill isn't it?

  8. ahh love the dreamy pics off of tumblr! they're all so pretty!


merci beaucoup! ♥