Gestuz dress, New Look clutch, Zara shoes

FINALLY A PROM POST (prom was over a month ago, woops).
I had the best time at prom. It was such a lovely evening, we started off with photos and champagne at my friend's house and then got a cab to the Hotel Russell on Russell Square which was beautifully decorated and was the perfect setting for photos yay. We had a champagne reception and photos with the photographer, then moved onto dinner and finally danced the night away until we all had to leave wah. 

Now onto the dress. I actually bought this dress from the Selfridges Christmas sale on new years day when I went to see Singin' In The Rain with my sister. It's by a brand called Gestuz and was reduced from £280 to £40 (I KNOW). It's 100% silk and moves so beautifully, my favourite part of the dress has got to be the back. It's quite simple but I'm a complete sucker for any kind of back detail and skinny cami straps (as mentioned in my last post) have become my new obsession so I had to get it despite the fact that it was one size too big. But after a trip to the dry cleaners to get it altered, it fit like a glove and I just wanna wear it all over again. I did my own hair and makeup too which, not gonna lie, I was quite proud of seeing as I'm normally quite a retard when it comes to hair and beauty related tasks. I used an image I found on pinterest to do my hair (link here) and just did quite a simple make up look with a pinky-coral lipstick to finish it off.

These are a random mix of the photographer's photos and my own photos (both digital and disposable) so I apologise for the lack of 'proper' full outfit photos of my dress but hey, (I have no excuse).  

Until next time amigos,


  1. dress looks beauts, good choice :)

  2. Your dress is amazing! Such a bargain too. You look beautiful :)

    Je M'appelle Hannah x

  3. oh, you looks so beautiful! ♥

  4. You look stunning! That dress is to beautiful for words and such a bargain! Great idea to find the dress in the christmas sales.

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  5. You just look so beautiful <3

  6. Oh my goodness that dress is so beautiful I love the back too, such a good find! Your prom looks so prettyxx

  7. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  8. This dress is so absolutely lovely on you! And your hair is perfect! I love the color combination of your hair and the blues of your dress. So flattering!

  9. You look amazing! The photos are great :)

    xx abitgraceful.blogspot.com


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