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1-4: Satchel from the Cambridge Satchel Company 5: English notes 6: Minstrels, nom nom 7: La Liberté guidant le peuple by Eugène Delacroix 8: Present from Melissa 9: Earrings from Urban Outfitters

A random collection of photos from the last couple of days, been so busy from school work recently and haven't had any time to take outfit photos *sad face* But managed to take a few photos of the new love of my life, my Cambridge Satchel Company satchel. After ordering it early September and expecting to wait a month for it (as they hand make them to order) I was getting pretty annoyed after 2 months of waiting and still no sign of my bag. After 2 e-mails (one of which was a pretty angry sounding one, thanks to the help of my sister who is awesome at writing angry e-mails) I finally received it! It was a present from my mum after my GCSE results and it was so worth the wait. Knowing it was brand new, and had been made to order (selfish as it sounds, it's probably the closest I'll get to a made to order bag after an Hermes Birkin obvs) made it even more special. The red leather is beautiful, and I'm glad I opted for an 'A' to be engraved onto it as well. It's the perfect size as well, not too big, but big enough so I can fit all my crap into it. I can't wait to use it!

I had such a long weekend, doing my English coursework for the whole of Saturday and Sunday is not my idea of fun, but I've finished it now so I can finally breathe a big sigh of relief. Ahhhhhhh. I never want to see a copy of Doctor Faustus or Hamlet ever again...that is until I have to do my final draft, but until then, I'm happy with reading Jane Eyre for the time being. To help me get through the weekend, I drank several cups of tea and munched my way through a big packet of Minstrels, courtesy of my lovely sister. 

The 'A' with all of The Strokes' songs on it was a birthday present from Melissa. It was such a thoughtful present seeing as we both share a mutual love for The Strokes and it's sitting on my shelf with all of my other favourite things :D Thanks Melissa! The postcard was from my trip to Paris in the summer from the Louvre, I love the painting on it, it kind of reminds me of Les Misérables (which is probably my all time favourite musical) and it reminds me of our (my sister and I) awesome trip to Paris.

I'm going to London for some shopping on Saturday, and to go to the V&A with Melissa on Sunday, so I'll try and squeeze some outfit photo taking in as it's been too long since my last outfit post...

So, I rambled again, well done if you made it this far, you deserve a pat on the back. *pats you all on the back* Until next time amigos.



  1. Your satchel is so adorable! I love the little 'A' initial on the front x

  2. your satchel is aweeesomee! I love the colour and your 'A' initial, its so cute :) see you sunday amigo xx

  3. ahhh love The Strokes!
    amazing satchel! been on a look out for a red one just like your's as well, love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  4. That bag is gorgeous. Love your blog <3

  5. Sweet photographs. Really lovely bag, so jealous! I'd love one of those bad boys!

    I have a pile of work mounting up also, in need of those minstrals to help me keep my motivation up though :P

  6. that satchel is complete perfection. red always gets me :x


  7. ooohh I love cambridge satchels xx

  8. schoolwork on a saturday..ooh never fun!!!

    but your pictures are great! I'm craving chocolate now.. :)

    sending you happy spells
    hope to hear from you..x

  9. SO pretty. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  10. Love you red Cambridge Satchels..
    nice blog.

    follow each other?



merci beaucoup! ♥