Heart Shaped Bruises

Topshop leather jacket and dress, ASOS hoodie, H&M wedges, Topman necklace, M&S socks, charity shop bag

Last Thursday, Melissa and I went to London for some shopping and also to go to the Converse press day and Juicy Couture Fall '12 presentation. We went to the usual places such as Oxford St (Topshop, UO and H&M), Carnaby St (Monki) and Soho (Beyond Retro) but not without a lovely lunch from The Breakfast Club and a coffee from Starbucks in between. I spent way too much money again, but it was 20% off everything in UO so obviously, I had to take advantage of that deal...and well the other things, they were totally needed for the approaching summer months so that's justified. If I have time this week, I might do a post on my recent purchases as I'm quite excited to wear them when the weather gets warmer. If the weather gets warmer due to our crappy English weather.

I'm finally back at school and the next few weeks are going to be so busy as I have both my French and Spanish AS orals in a couple of weeks so in between now and then, I have mocks to do and lots and lots of practise. Also, I'm going to start revising for my actual AS exams in the middle of May soon which is just going to be bags of fun, I know it. I can't believe the exams are so close already, it didn't feel too long ago that I was just starting sixth form! But in a weird way, I'm kinda looking forward to doing my exams as I only have 5 this year compared to the 20 I had for my GCSEs and after my last exam, I have a full two weeks off in which I'll be seeing The Maccabees with Melissa and just generally relaxing so it's not too bad really.



  1. so freaking excited for the maccabees gurl!
    I love your necklace and those wedges-they remind me of the 'day 2-uxbridge' video haha

  2. You leather jacket looks super comfy and I want it (where you're sick of it, let me know! :p) I'm sorry about classes, but I'm glad you get to relax a bit with Melissa. I have a ton of work to do too, it's my final semester of college - scary.

    xo Joana

  3. Love the skull necklace - definitely hitting up Topman the next time I'm browsing Topshop!

  4. you look awsome, love the clothes!

  5. Oehhh love that skull necklace!
    Keep adoring this edgy look of
    yours c:
    I wish you goodluck with the


  6. Ahh I love The Maccabees! Love your outfit! Those wedges are seriously amazing!

    xoxo, Laura

  7. that dress is perfect!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s check out the giveaway on my blog! :)

  8. this is some amazing layering!

  9. your a wiz at layering oh so perfecting.

    the Topman necklace is such a beaut.

    J x

  10. you look great! love the jacket and necklace so much x


  11. Love love love this dress! I've seen it all over the shop and definitely need to buy it now! Your AS exams seem really far away, you start revising in the middle of May, all of our exams start in the middle of may! :( Good luck! Xx
    Shope xo

  12. love your oufit.aggh why is everything now exams exams revising and oh wait more exams! xx

  13. All the layers work so well, then a hint of leopard, LOVELY!!

  14. You look simply magnificent wow.



merci beaucoup! ♥