Hurt So Bad


charity shop jacket, ASOS hoodie, H&M shirt, Topshop jeans, bag and boots, UO hat

On Wednesday, Melissa and I went to Brick Lane to buy Weird Dreams' album Choreography as we were planning to see them at Rough Trade East the day after. I listened to the album as soon as I got home and I was not let down. I love the sound of Doran's voice accompanied by the dreamy guitars mixed with the nostalgic lyrics, I think it's safe to say that it's all I've been listening to since Wednesday. As I mentioned before, we saw them at Rough Trade on Thursday and they were so good live, I was hoping they'd sing a few more songs, but from what they did perform, it definitely left me wanting more, so hopefully when they do some more proper gigs I'll be able to see them again. A few of my favourites from the album are: Hurt So Bad, 666.66, Little Girl and Summer Black so I advise you go listen to them asap!

Also, I have a little story about these amazing boots. So basically, last year I was on the lookout for a new pair of chelsea boots as my ASOS ones are nearing their end *cries*. And I was planning to buy these ones from Topshop but I wanted to try them on before ordering them online, however the obviously would go out of stock everywhere and they were nowhere to be found...until the Christmas sales mwahahaha. My sister spotted them on the Topshop website. On sale. In my size. For.......£35 say whaaat??? So of course, I ordered them straight away in hope that they wouldn't do that annoying thing of sending me an email a few days after saying that the boots were out of stock. Don't you just hate it when that happens? So yeah, that's my story. Aaaaanyway....

I've had quite a good Easter break so far, I initially had planned to just revise and stay in for most of it as I have so much work to do but I haven't managed to do any of it yet as I was quite busy last week. It was a lot of fun though, I caught up with my friends for one of their birthdays, watched The Hunger Games (which I totally recommend you all to watch if you haven't already!) and Melissa stayed round mine after seeing Weird Dreams so I was knackered from the 5 hours sleep we had but it was nice hanging out with her as we hardly see each other during term time :( 

On a happier note to end the post, I bought the most amazing dress from Urban Outfitters the other day on sale, so it will definitely be featuring in a more summery post soon :)



  1. the jacket is so pretty!
    xx emma

  2. After reading Melissa's post on this band I went to youtube to check them out and now I cannot stop listening to their music. So wish I could've seen them.

    P.S. - Totally unrelated, but you remind me so much of my cousin. Just sayin' :P

    P.P.S. - Those boots are phenomenal. I'll stop P.S.ing now, sorry.

    xo Joana

  3. Great location and the coat is really great !

  4. haha I love the first photo, it's just great! and I love your hat.I need that hat xx

  5. ohhh love everything in this outfit! jacket, hat, ants, shoes.... so wonderful!!

  6. I love this look... really put well together



  7. i love this outfit so much!

  8. such a lovely chilled look!

    J X

  9. I love it when you find things on sale in your size, it's like it was meant to be, so cringe haha! I love your jacket so much!

  10. love the first photo and your outfit is amazing :)



  11. Love these boots! I love finding items on sale! The first photo is beautiful! I love your outfit!

    Oh and I think you just made me obsessed by Weird Dreams! haha

    xoxo, Laura

  12. Aw, I loooove this outfit, something I wouldn't wear but I can definitely admire it. You look incredible!

  13. Great photos and your outfit too darling! Love the background as well :)

  14. I loved ur look!!! this jacket is great, and ur boots are amazing, i love the fact that it looks like a brogue!

    Great blog!!!<3

  15. wow, those boots are heavenly, so envious right now!!



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