When we was young, oh man did we have fun


Topshop leather jacket and shirt, H&M jeans and sunnies, ASOS satchel and chelsea boots, misc. rings, vintage briefcase bag, Casio watch

This was my outfit from when Melissa and I went to Brighton. We did do some filming but the video isn't up yet, so I'll do a whole other post about our trip to Brighton when the video is up and running :)

Lately, I love the whole androgynous, 'boy meets girl' trend. I love the mannish boots, loafers and brogues, the clean cuts, oversized boyfriend coats, skinny jeans and masculine accessories. This is definitely my favourite trend for this A/W, now I'm on the lookout for the perfect oversized winter coat, brogue chelsea boots, preferably in oxblood and in a really hard, need-to-wear-in leather, and a black felt boater hat. If I get all of these items, I'll be sorted for this season me thinks. Oh and also some chunky knits to layer up with shirts in the winter. At the moment, I've been rolling up my jeans and pairing them with my trusty chelsea boots quite a lot. It's so comfortable and I love the glimpse of skin between the jeans and boots. Seriously, I wear my chelsea boots so much, anyone who doesn't have a pair, I strongly advise you all to go out a purchase a pair, they're so versatile and I think it's so worth spending a bit more on them as you'll wear them SO much so you do get a lot of wear out of them. They look good in the summer with floaty, floral dresses, but also in winter with jeans; which is why I'm contemplating buying these boots from Topshop, as my current boots are slowly dying as I wear them so much and I know they'll go to good use and will be a good investment for my A/W wardrobe. And even for S/S too. 


p.s. It's my birthday tomorrow, 17! AHHHHH. 


  1. You look so awesome!
    Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  2. I love your outfits so much!

  3. i like the rings and your bag =]


  4. those jeans are so cool, I need some coloured jeans now :)

    xo Camilla

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  5. perfect boots! and perfect outfit. I love love love the leather jacket! I need one in my life.
    I love seeing brighton on other peoples blogs hahah, Glad you enjoyed yourself! I need to go to the beach more often seeing as it's like 20 mins away! damn i will from now on (even though it's cold)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY! for tomorrow :) hope you have a great day

  6. that was such a fun day!! you look so awesome in those jeans and damn you totes buy those boots! totes m'gotes :D
    sorryy ill get the video up soon, ive had loaaads of proble,s with saving it as the correct file!
    oh, and HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY AIMEE!! ill see you soon :)

  7. I'm going to brighton in couple of weeks, and i get so super stokes after reading this post! and happy birthday tomorrow!

  8. the whole look is soo perfect! Love the pants and boots!

  9. i love this retro rock look! amazing!
    oh i am in love with chealsea boots!
    happy birthday for tomorrow! have an amazing day beautiful ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  10. I was definitely going to buy those topshop boots youve linked! And love this outfit - perfect blue jeans and chelsea boots! Happy birthday for tommorrow lovely!

    Shope X

  11. seriously, that leather jacket is killer. and you so work it with those blue skinnies... looovvve.

  12. Very cute, you look amazing! Great colour of your pants!

    XO, Imke

  13. I'm in utter awe of this outfit, I'd love to wear something like this during A/W! The jeans are fantastic and paired with that leather jacket it just all adds that little bit of edge!

    The Brighton weather looked lovely in these photographs unlike the grey clouds in England today! I really like those chelsea boots; they look very sturdy! I have a pair but sadly the sole has gone in hole so I'm on the look out for a new potensial pair!

  14. LOVE the androgynous trend too!


  15. This is really Cute!! I love your Hair!! I wish I could do that!
    Great blog post.
    xoxo asiahlynn

  16. I love that whole style,I love wearing my jeans with a peek of flesh and have already got my chunky knit and oversized mod coat to go.YOu look fab x

  17. love it! its the most beautiful outfit ever! Love everythink! ;)


merci beaucoup! ♥